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Poor Dogs like this are trapped in these wire cages, hardly seeing the light of day sometimes, just to be bred to death at secret places called Puppy Mills. Afterwords they get sold to pet stores. Of course, organizations are trying to stop this and they are stopping some, but you can help too. You can report any unusual noises, like lots and lots of barking, meaning, too much barking. Or report people that are suspicious. A lot of puppies are sold to pet stores, so if you want to buy one from a pet store, perhaps ask where the dog came from, or if it isn't very happy to see people or cowers from you, that is awful. It means that the dog is not comfortable around people, which could mean that they went through abuse or neglect in the past. If you ask me, it is better to adopt from a shelter.

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In some Pet Stores, pets are sold, and sometimes, you have no idea where it came from or anything about its past. This is probably bad. Why? Well, some animals are sold to pet stores from abusive homes or like, for dogs, they might come from puppy mills. Dogs aren't the ONLY ones suffering. In some areas, cat abuse is more frequent than dog abuse. I have heard of cases where a cat got its eye stabbed right out of its socket! My reaction: first second: EEEEEEEWWWWWWW!!! Second Second: That is illegal and evil and has to be stopped.